Let’s talk about Fear and how it impacts the authenticity of your leadership.  Call it an impostor syndrome, call it a fraud complex, plain and simple it is those normal feelings of fear and inadequacy the majority of us feel when we get what we are striving for.  It is important to stop and take a look at these nagging feeling, whether they are just a whisper or they are a scream they are undermining how you show up in your leadership position, stopping you from being the best most authentic leader you can be.

Fear impacts:

  • Communication
  • Authenticity
  • Taking risks
  • Accomplishment

In order for communication to be effective it has to be two way.  So little of how we communicate is what we say. The highest percentage of communication is what we see and what we hear.  If you are moving from a place of fear it is going to show in your body language and it is going to sound in your voice.  To be an effective Leader you need to have a foundation of trust. Trust starts with effective communication.  Trust and fear don’t go well together.  When communicating, make sure you are not communicating your fear; this will help to build a stronger foundation of trust.

Authenticity, means no more fake it till you make it.  You need to have the courage to show up, accept the accomplishments that you have earned and be the best leader you can be.  Faking it is giving into your fears that you are unworthy.  Identify the thoughts behind the need to fake it and choose instead to embrace your success; your team will appreciate seeing the authentic you and you will thrive instead of survive.

People moving from a place of fear are much less likely to take risks.  Taking risks is an essential quality of an effective leader.  From addressing issues with staff to business development or creating new services leaders are always putting themselves out there.  If you dread or avoid these things then you are moving from a place of fear.  Identify the fear.  Knowing what it is can help you to overcome it by creating strategies to address it.  Each time you are successful at doing something you dread or want to avoid builds your confidence, dissolving the fear and making it easier to do next time.

Accomplishment; success builds on success if you embrace that you are the reason for your success.  Do not allow fear to minimize your accomplishments nor hold you back from future accomplishments.  Why not you?! You have worked hard to achieve your successes.  Recognize those limiting beliefs you are experiencing as fear and take charge of it instead of allowing it to take charge of you.  Embracing your success and accomplishments creates a leader who is authentic, a strong communicator and a confident risk taker.  You will enjoy your position more and your staff will thank you.

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