Ongoing development is a sign of great leadership. Leadership Coaching can be of help in many instances.

  • New leaders who have the title but not the tools
  • Changes in leadership
  • The need to refresh or ignite your leadership
  • Strategic changes in an organization
  • Preparing emerging leaders
  • Conflict or toxicity in a Team

Potential topics to cover:

  • Effective communication and your leadership style

  • Working with multiple generations

  • Organizing priorities

  • Building teams/creating a positive culture

  • Conflict management and difficult people


A Life Coach is a personal trainer to address the areas of your life that need focus. How satisfied are you right now? Have you recently experienced a shift? Are you going through or planning a transition?

I take a holistic, personal approach with my clients. I believe it all starts with who you are, then determining through conversation and goal setting what you want, then working through ways to get there and stay there.

I am not a therapist or counselor nor do I take the guru approach. We will work together to identify what you want to change, set goals, eliminate obstacles and thrive.

I often use assessments like DiSC or Myers Briggs.

I do weekly appointments based on the commitment you would like to make, then every other week, then once per month.

Ready to change, grow and thrive?