Become a Coach

Being called to become an action-oriented mentor to help others reach their goals?

Coaching is a growing industry with over 65,000 coaches worldwide.

Do you enjoy listening to and supporting others? Have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to earn flexibly? Want to make a difference?

Contact us today about our Coach Training program where you become more than a life coach you become a success coach!

You will learn:

  • The foundations of Coaching

  • Gain tools to work with clients

  • Learn about developing programs and contracts

  • Develop a Business Plan

Continuing education for existing Coaches

The best Coaches know they need to continue their own growth in order to best support their clients. Various programs offered annually. Topics include:

  • Identifying preferences

  • Cause and Effect

  • Saboteurs and Strengths

  • Dealing with Resistance

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Effective Communication