On Call Coaching is an affordable benefit you can offer your Leadership, your Emerging Leaders or your whole staff. Successful Change will customize a package of On Call Coaching time that will fit your needs. For as little as $400 per month you can provide a benefit to your staff that will:

  • Enhance Leadership

  • Improve Communication

  • Build Skills

  • Empower Staff

  • Eliminate Conflict


Creating Solutions to Help Your Business Thrive

In order for your business to truly thrive, it needs to be growing and changing.  When you have the right partner to support you, one who brings you new and innovative ideas, one who helps you identify your needs, offers meaningful insights and the broadest range of capabilities you can grow, prosper and succeed.

  • Retreat Facilitation
  • Training & Leadership Transitions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Workplace Culture


The structure of this program starts Emerging Leaders with an understanding of themselves, an essential leadership quality, and then moves them through training and coaching with the support of an expert and their peers.  This creates a strong foundation and a support group for these leaders to grow and thrive.

Following the original facilitation session with DiSC Everything Workplace Profile, Evelyn will set up multiple Coaching Groups (max 10 participants per group) to work with the group on essential leadership qualities and skills.  Topics to be covered include, transformational vs. transactional leadership, understanding risk, team building and employee engagement, building confidence and dealing with the imposter syndrome and dealing with difficult people.  Time will be left in each session for open discussion on specific challenges participants are dealing with.  Groups will meet weekly for 60 minutes for 5 weeks.

Groups will then meet monthly for 60 minutes for ten (10) months to discuss successes and challenges.  A bank of individual coaching hours with Evelyn will be available to participants to work on specific challenges.