Does this sound like you; you get up energized, ready to go to work, your day at work is engaging and enjoyable, the end of the day comes and you don’t know where the time has gone.  This is what all organizations should strive for.  What drives this is your organizational culture.  Your organizational culture  is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organizations. These shared values have a strong influence on the people in the organization.

Your organizational culture can make or break your strategic initiatives.  A positive culture engages employees, increases innovation, impacts employee satisfaction, attracts good talent and in the end positively affects your bottom line.  On the reverse of course in a negative culture you have conflict, increased sick time and decreased productivity.

Many organizations fall somewhere in the middle; they strive for a positive culture and struggle with some negativity.  Whether you have a team of 10 or a team of 100 managing multiple styles is complex.  We have those on our staff who contribute to the positive culture and those that have their own agenda.  We all know that colleague or staff member who is just a bit more challenging, they do their job but….

It has been my experience as a leader and as a coach that most people are not intentional in their negativity; often they are oblivious to how their behavior is impacting the team and the organization.  This doesn’t make the behavior acceptable.  It comes back to values; your organizational culture is  system of shared values and beliefs.  It is important for the organization to be very intentional in what their values are, make sure they are communicated, and that the mission is based in the values.  It is also important to help staff align their values with the organizational values.   Hiring a Professional Coach can help.  A Coach can help staff develop communication skills, and identify and resolve conflict, resulting in higher productivity and improved culture.  This ultimately provides what we are all striving for, a successful business with a thriving staff.